We get it scopely


You put crap prizes for top factions to not have interest and giving the lower factions a chance. Level up after level up you want everyone to use all their resources with ludicrous milestones. However this strategy to get the lower factions involved will never work. I have a crazy idea, how about the prizes you think that are 1st-3rd worthy you actually move those prizes down to 4th-5th,6th etc… And actually put prizes worthy of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. So not only are the lower factions catching up with “decent gear” but it brings back the competition for top prizes thats been gone for so long.


Dunno about that, our regions top players work their asses off like crazy, put a 3* billy as a war prize and they are preparing night shifts instantly I can guarantee you that :fist:️:smile:


Lmao! So true :joy:


Because of the fun of war, not the prizes tho;)


Yeah I can see that when they are bragging in global chat that they beated f2p factions with only coined twice, rofl


If they coined twice against f2p factions then they are definitely not #1.


It’s so sad coz it’s true.


#1 in region, #2 in crw with cheat region