We ever gonna fix the territory issues?


What is this? How do i take a territory but when I add a team walkers take the spot?and yet i still have a team in.


Territories as a whole is glitched af.


Nobody is fixing anything in this game, but i guarantee u there is a team of people working on what the next premiere toon is and what bs "offers " they want to sell us


What the players are referring to as bugs, glitches, and questionable programming are in fact the exact opposite.

These are all features of the game provided to keep you on your toes. Will it reset? Will it go to walkers even though you applied a def? Will, it hang and not let you attack because it thinks your already attacking? All of these are what makes Territories so much fun and they add a wonderful mystique of surprise to an otherwise incredibly boring game mode.

So in closing, I say thank you Scopley for a job well done and kudos on making it a part of leagues. Keep surviving friend, keep surviving.


territories have been broken since day 1. they dont care.


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