We dont need level up after level up after level up to find ,,,,,another level up


Were in one of the regions that instead of having the SR event we had a token faction level up … for 2 days on what is considered (4500 x 5* Tokens) a 24 hour level up reward at best …

but to not have an event like SR that builds up survivors and characters as well as food we get a faction level up … then to find we have another level up this weekend … for nuggets … When does this stop

We as a region are losing players left and right each other day due to the game becoming this relentless messy schedule that brings more confusion than clarity, more missed opportunities to ready yourself for said factions.

Also what can cause unfairness with cross region wars is to have 5* token events whilst other regions have double wooden nugget events so they can tier 4 their characters faster than other regions


I agree clem, we’ve missed out on 2 chances to get nuggets which is completely unfair considering that we have to go up against other regions regularly now this sort of thing shouldn’t happen.