We don't have Halloween in Russia


But I have a tank at the backyard haha ! #TeamNegan

Where the heck is 6* Glenn and 6* Governor

Lol…nice :rofl:


That’s awesome.


This is awesome lol. I want. Take my :coins: :coins: :coins:


Is that an APC next to it?


Not a joke !



Lol this guy is ready for Faction Assault. The hype is real :slight_smile:



Yes, it is :slight_smile:


There were so many left there after the second world war. I’m sure a ton of russians have tanks on their property :scream:



This one was constructed by regular citizens and used in annual reconstruction at May 9th(Victory day) which is held near my house in outskirts of Samara. It’s fully operative except it can shoot only with blanket cartridge, though it has not historically accurate look. I acted as a Wermacht soldier last year, we were ambushed by Belarus partisans and called for Luftwaffe and Panzer support. Unfortunately I’m too tall to act as a tankman :wink:


So, do you need a lift, @CombatDevIl @CombatMan @kalishane ? :smile:


Cool! :slight_smile:


lol very cute!

Weekend Topic Roundup

Has the semblance of a Tiger I tank, nicely done. The Sdkfz 251 looks nice too. I would add some camo paintjob and numbering on it to make it look even better.


Too bad I don’t live in Russia, would love to participate :slight_smile:


Thank you, sir :slight_smile: That’s a truly exciting experience, being involved in things like that, come visit us and we will sure find extra gear for you :+1:t2:


Might take you up on that offer. Now just to find an excuse to use with my wife. “Hey, I m going to Russia to drive in a tank” really aint gonna cut it.


Hahaha, I bet it ain’t… Maybe try something like business trip as a main excuse? :man_shrugging:t3:


I‘ll hike along. Let‘s tell the wives we go fishing. :wink: