We did FA in time and scopley robbed me off my 12k shirts

We just completed FA before the expire time and finished it with 3hrs remaining and scopely robbed me and my faction of our 12k jersey. Typical skcamley

We started FA while the jersey was available so it should be applicable that we get what we signed up for. This total bs. Scopely strikes again

Event items stop dropping in the last 24 hours of an event. Don’t know what to tell you besides that, there will always be some people who fall a little short on items.

We started yesterday around 6 PM Central, sweaters were listed in the bags. Just finished minutes ago and got sweaters as reward.

We got nothing very disapointed total bs i want what i signed up for jerseys!!!

Scopely u can have my 4200 sweaters u greedy fucks!!!


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No wonder scopely walks all over us. Its assholes like you who endorse there ways.

Only 4200, your outrage made it seem like it was the 12k. I just have a strange feeling that you didnt pay attention to the timer in the museum, ignore that yesterday it said 1 day with some hours left. The some hours left is what was important. The 1 day time left is ONLY to turn in sweaters. We ran ours 1 day 6hrs left. As we were aware that if the 6hrs time was up that meant no sweaters.


Mind your language. I don’t “endorse” their ways, I’m just used to all this unfairness, and people like you, complaining and complaining when there is no reply and will be no reply, are almost extinct these days. Welcome to my world, pal. In a few weeks, if you can even stick around that long, you’ll definitely have given up completely on striving for change. This company does what they want and ignores the players, get used to it.


Bam enjoy have fun enjoy the unfairness been here 3yrs and counting.

I bet you say the same thing when u buy stuff and its broken, missing, whatever the case. Its ok right? Yeah have a nap that beautiful car with no engine ur gona love it.

What time did you guys start your FA? Everyone else who started before 7pm EST and finished after 7pm EST got sweaters. Weird you guys didn’t.

Unless you started after 7pm EST when sweaters were already gone from rewards…


Started it this am and finished it with 3hrs remaining.in museum

So, by “this am” you mean you started it after sweater had already been removed from rewards?

My arrgument is that if an item is there when u start it it should be locked and pay out exactly like that. No removing it in the middle of the event or fa run. Screw that its not ethical.

But the item wasn’t there when you started it…

It was showing when we started it

States right there the sweaters as rewards in fa end January 6th. This was a pinned post.

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What time did you start? Was it after 7pm EST on Sunday (which is midnight UK time, 1am Central Europe time on Monday, 3am Moscow time on Monday).

Because if you did, the rewards were not there