We can not declare war!

Nobody in our Faction can declare war. Our Faction is Shut That Sht Down in the Bibb region. This exact problem affected our entire Faction for the last 36 hours of the previous war. Most of our Faction contacted support last war and most of our Faction has contacted support this war. We are getting a whole lot of Scopley bullsht back as responses. I thought I’d post on the Forums to see if we can get any real response from anybody from Scopley.

The problem is this
1.We select the war icon from the town screen.
2.We select Declare War from the Region War Screen.
3.It switches to the Select a Map screen for less than a second then it kicks us back out to the Region War screen.

This is not the problem everyone else is having so don’t merge this with the other threads.

Our Faction would like to war this weekend so can Scopley please look into this and not just give us some bullsh*t canned response.

you are not all newcomer as status?

Nope. We have been a faction forever. We have a Leader, 2 co-Leaders and the rest are constables or recruiters.

Were you the faction that had someone with 85 billion points?

That was not us

That’s a thing? The game doesn’t automatically demand a leader?

i seen factions where leader is active and all members still newcomers
Had to take this out of the picture first

Hey we had the same problem…
After 4 hours we finally started our 1. War…
We lost many points. Trough this…

Our Faction is still unable to declare war. We continue to get canned responses from in game support.

It’s been over 24 hours since war has begun and not a god damn thing useful has come from Scopley about our Faction’s problem. Just a whole bunch of lies and horse shit.

Not only is this screwing our Faction out of milestone rewards and war rewards but it’s also screwing us out of other aspects of the game.

Everyone in our Faction this week will be unable to finish their weekly mission.

I guess I should know by now that Scopley doesn’t give two shits about it’s customers / Player base but it’s still frustrating!

Holy shit you’re stupid. You automatically have ONE PERSON who can declare war.

Omg thats awful. Hopefully GR can help you guys out on monday, get you proper compensation

Do you think you can have the team look into this.

Our whole faction was unable to war this weekend because of a Scopley glitch.

Everyone got the same BS canned response from in game support this weekend.

Just wondering if you could be more help or is this going to fall on deaf ears also like our support requests did this weekend.

@ssandy - I say this and will have the team look into this. I am going to need the account code of the players impacted if you have any videos or screenshots of the issue that would be useful too.


It was our whole faction. Nobody could declare war. The problem is described in detail in the first post of this thread. I have no way to capture a video of my app and there is nothing to take a photo of.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, here is 2 war refills each.”

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