We are not playing the same game

While I was trying to complete the kill alert payback negan mission I heard from a teammate that I could farm the solo survival road event gold stage 19, in which there was a payback alert negan.
Surprisingly my gold stage 19 had no payback negan… So I asked for a printscreen and saw that my mates gold stage 19 setup was different than mine. Other teammates had that setup, others didn’t. So this means that during a solo survival road event we don’t compete on equal terms but some players compete on different grounds than others. I don’t understand why someone would do such a thing…

I think your factionmate was just further along in SR than you were. Wish you had posted here during SR, because you probably would have gained information on how to find him yourself.


i think your missing the point of the post… I take this as the fact that the same levels don’t pop up for everyone. I went through SR without even 1 negan and had to go back to find him to complete the letter while others hit several on their first pass throughs. the question is should’nt we all be playing the same game?

I don’t know of anyone getting him the first time through; everyone who found him on gold 19 found him there second time through.

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Personally I’ve been unlucky finding him in sr and raids so I’m one of the many who won’t complete this one

During the solo tourny he was on gold 19 the first time thru. Then you had to go to silver 19 to find him after that. I had him pop up on my daily SR today and was able to get 3 there. Luckily some people in my region put up a Negan for everyone if you could find them. Still a really poor thought out event objective. For what appears to be a broken toon.

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It seems that the content of the stages changes once you progress to the next road.

Negan was on Gold 19 for most people and he was there once for me, but after I progressed to Elite road, I found him on silver 20 and 23, and that seemed consistent with other people’s games, from what I heard. But I’m not 100% sure about that.

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He’s right, during the SR tourney some people in my faction fought him on gold 19 but it was elite stage 6 where he showed up for me and a few others in my faction. So even between a faction we’re technically not playing the same game

It’s pretty clear this is a 100% rng game so it’s not surprising that everyone has a different experience. Get your buckets straight m8t :money_mouth_face:

Last SR tournament I got him the first time going through a stage (Can’t remember exactly what stage it was. It was early Gold).

Umm it’s called buckets and your bucket may vary. #ybmv

Ok, will track next SR and compare. It’s different from region to region but I’ve always thought it was the same within the region.

I had him at gold 19, then that maintenance /update.occurred and it changed, weird