We all want the same things

Maybe if more come together, and try to share the statement as a larger community, more efforts would be put into the ultimate goal of this game being fun for all level of players again like it once was.

Maybe the more voices they hear, the more likely they’ll be to take action on what we need for things to be fun again. As I’ve seen said a few times, this is a marathon, not a sprint…the back and forth shouldn’t be between players, we all want to enjoy a fun game and have a good experience with a fighting chance on all levels. So the more we all come together, the louder our voices will be until they have no choice but to hear us! Stand strong, stay vigilant, and keep up the good work for all participating until we’re heard!! Ignore the negativity, the most serious involved are all fighting for every player in the game, from the beginners to the patient zeros…it’s for the good of the game and all who play.

Even if they start with some of the more simple things to show us they hear us…

For example:

Supply depot
Wheel refreshes with current relevant toons
F2P maps to grind for toons (Michelle event example)
War crate updates
Collections we can grind for toons/gear.

They keep stalling with the player council, but they could implement some of these things, with minimal effort, and it would at least show something more in the right direction.





Yup they should

players united is over though, why keep beating a dead horse?

Yes the wheel updates would be nice for starts.

But being realistic here, the “promises” are probably mostly stuff they were planning on doing already, they just put a date on it so they could disappoint us sooner :rofl:

It’s really not dead by any stretch…there are still a lot of people that aren’t spending any money on the game. Some going as far as to not even spend free coins to do pulls or get featured offer bags/crates. There are some that didn’t finish their SC pulls.

The chats are growing in numbers still with people joining in, wanting something to be done to make the game fun again.

Yes, there are people who don’t agree, don’t feel like it’s working, or whatever the case may be…there are still people who spend, and that’s their choice as well. Each individual can participate to the extent they feel, and that’s fine.

Whatever anyone wants to do, is all just fine, but there are still plenty fighting for the change for everyone who plays, from f2p, light spenders, or big spenders…we just want it to be as fun as it once was, and that’s what the community is hoping for scopely to see, realize, and do something about.


I mean maybe they would have listened 2-3 years ago. Maybe Albert’s letter and promises actually coming through would have helped too. we’re not in maybe world, we’re in reality. Literally, they don’t care.


I’m aware this is reality…I also know that last time they put the letter out, people started spending again…lesson learned. That’s why the letter didn’t get people to start spending this time. The minimal compensation for bugs and glitches didn’t get people to start spending.

This time, it’ll take real change, things that are being requested to be put into the game. It’s either that, or I’m sure they’ll start to see more and more just leaving the game.

Time will tell, and show if they truly just don’t care as you said they don’t. If that’s the case, then this game will surely die, but after playing for almost 4 years, I still enjoy it to an extent, and I enjoy the community and people I’ve met along the way.


They’re counting on community and the sunken cost fallacy. Nothing else.

Seriously, if you looked from an outside perspective and or fresh eyes- would you still play this game? If I saw the glitches and the ridiculous unbeatable teams, I know I wouldn’t.

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I probably wouldn’t either, but that’s one of the focal points that people are wanting scopely to take a long, hard look at, and rethink the direction of the game. That way they still get new players, the long time players would still say “hey, check this game out…” but the reality now, like you said, they aren’t going to pull new players, and we wouldn’t currently suggest the game unless changes are made.

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I’d also like to see those caught for cheating hacking or whatever u want to call it be banned for good like they once were. Now all they get is a 24hour ban (this is a fact) and things taken away how is that fair. To put it simply it isn’t and something needs to be done about it which is just plain wrong and cheating is running rampant in this game and is forcing the majority of the community to either spend or just hope u get lucky on a wheel and get the right toons. Because scopely shows us exactly whqt there going to keep on giving us dated 6* that can’t compete for example romo the newest Legacy toon if u compaired it to red gov the stats are almost the same and that was one of the first 6* smh and then they want to promote super toons like s class smh


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