We all need to Stop spending


Until are concerns are heard and something is done with the rewards being shit and milestones war cans …Etc. and the avaliblity of older 5* toons being avalible to ascend I suggest we all stop spending


Because this is obviously the only way we get treated correctly is when the money stream is cut off


You would be suprised just how many are spending because of the stupid cross reigion wars and to stay on top of there reigion


Personally I stopped spending since the introduction of the 6* made my 5* roster borderline useless; dealing with a lot of resentment towards Scopley for this fiasco. However, I am in a top faction and I can assure you people are still spending whenever another bright shiny 6* is introduced.


Exactly and if they keep spending nothing will be done scopley will keep pulling the same old excuses and putting out the same old shit event prizes because the less they can do for us the better because there is always someone out there that will keep spending for what they need or want because it’s new


People have stopped spending, that’s why 6* were introduced.

The spénding strike worked, is a way, so they tried to bypass our complaints with something to get the whales salivating. Don’t think it worked though, I believe they are starting to understand how pissed off some people are.


If that was the case @Galaxy42 then why do they not bring out weekly gear maps besides the scheduled one on thursday for shirt/gloves? When I get some more cash/dosh to show a video about how other games do on pulls and how they make it super easy to lvl up characters, so the people at scopely can see how people would like for their game to be. Not this piety things that people don’t need or how people would like to lvl up their toons.

But will it make a difference? Probably not. Then who will look bad?


The whole purpose to this post was to try to get scopely to actually hear what we are simply asking for nothing more and to make the game more user friendly


Have people stopped spending? There was a movement where people put out a hashtag but how many people actually stopped spending? Keep in mind the people who don’t use the forums, people in other regions you don’t talk to, as well as the non-English speaking regions.


You know Jenny in Hart Katolo has never stopped spending. Look at her pay her way to the top of the Leaderboards in everything. You know this to be true!!! @Katolo


This is what all the non-spenders are saying so they can catch up to the spenders!


In Chilton they sure haven’t. Whale central up in there lol


Here comes the pro Scopely flags unfortunately. I agree though, a lot of people are angry but still pour money into this product. Its everyones choice to spend but you can’t get mad about prizes/matchmaking/Scopelys inactivity/etc when you’re facilitating it.


trying to tell people how to spend their money that they work for? if they are spending their money on the game then they must not have a problem doing so and they don’t need you telling them how to spend their money. you guys can stop spending your money but why tell others how they can spend theirs?

you are speaking to a minority of players, and when i look at threads like this it is always the same 10-20 people. maybe you can get 10-20 people to stop spending but lets just say there are only 10,000 people playing this game right now, and they don’t even come to the forum.

How are you going to convince all the people that don’t even come to this forum to stop spending their money? The 10-20 people in this thread isn’t going to make a dent if they stop spending.


Add stopping the blatant hacking from destroying regions to the list too :confused:


you know listening R18-C4G3 about how to spend my money. Well I just did a ten pull and got 6* wyatt. Thanks R18 for making me want to spend $20 for a toon that I didnt need.

tbh I was actually just wanting a reason to complain about RNG but it worked out.



Hey guys!

Let’s not promote negativity for the sake of negativity.

Feel free to have these conversations in PMs, Line, etc.

Thank you for understanding.