We all just got BEANIEd


I seriously can’t wait to see what the last day will give!


We could only hope lol.image


The perfect instance of our hopeful expression right now. Hold on to your mistletoes and broken snow globes.


I want so much to continue playing this game and enjoying it but its like a huge middle finger to the players everyday


Its rather insulting


The last day will be a box and when we open it it will delete our entire roster. Happy Holidays, love scopely.


Scopley basically gave us all a stocking of coal for Christmas with these crap rewards.

Keep on surviving…


BEANIEdict ajajajaja


With a sports gauntlet on it


Lmao classic … what a great holiday event :joy::joy::joy::joy:


That’s our Thanks for being dedicated players


Yes, you read that right. Someone in their right mind would’t bother with it unless they really need it.


We’re gonna get flak-ed Day 12… Merry Christmas!


We already been flaked. I’m guessing we will get 3 bradys or a lilth. However that could be game breaking





Tomorrow’s prize will be a guaranteed non-ascendable 1*. Or a tree branch.


Walkie or 100 coins


Or maybe just 12 santa token


In an event where you farm from a s1 rated roadmap how is this even considered a gift. The amount of energy required would probably less to get that Beenie from the daily gear map tnx for wasting our time scopley