Wd whisperers tonight

It was freaking awesome imo.

I was getting bored by it all…but negan , lydia , alpha and i think sophia too.

Lydia reminded me of this girl though:


I kinda liked Lydia but i thought she was alittle overly expressive in her acting

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I really wanted something more to happen with Negan. Like I wanted him to have been gone by the time Michonne went back just to see how she would react or how everyone else would react.

Can’t kill off main characters and replace weaker characters in their storyline and expect people to care. Nobody cares about Henry. They should have completely deviated from comics.


Yep haven’t really watched much in two years but this one was Fairly good.

Honestly I’m really mad they killed off Carl and are making Henry take his place. It’s just stupid. Though if he didnt die like that, who knows what would have happened with everything else. The whole future may have changed (whether that be for better or worse, who knows).


This has been overwritten.


They are kicking themselves for killing off Carl. I bet they didn’t think Andrew Lincoln would quit. It’s def better than it’s been but idk. Everytime I correlate a story in the show to the comics played by different people it annoys me.


Michonne is leaving the show soon, they screwed the series up so bad. Killing carl was the nail in the shows coffin for me.


Not sure but I heard michonne will leave in season 10

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Heard she will be in one of the movies with Andrew Lincoln and I would guess the girl who plays Judith would be there too so I kinda saw this coming.

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I hope she’ll be in the movies, im just sad the francise has turned out this way.

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That makes me sad