WD tokens vs War tokens this region war?!?!

Why are we recieving the WD tokens this (July 13th, 2019) Region War vs the War Tokens? Each war we compete for War Tokens. We received war tokens the last war and now we are getting the WD Tokens. And barley any if we were fighting for 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k 50k. Then yes I would understand if is a valuable reward to possibly earn the toon in the museum. But I will NOT get anywhere near close to enough museum items to collect a toon with out getting around 50k WD tokens.

I dont think it’s worth the time, effort, war cans, and coins to fight for 2k WD tokens to get around 200 to 400 beach balls?!

I want my War Tokens, I have 850, I need 250 more to collect a new toon, I dont want beach balls… PLEASE CHANGE THE PRIZES!

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Is shitty there not war tokens

Ya bet they don’t put out anymore until after the ones we currently have expire

All I can think about when reading the above is



Tournament of Crap obviously

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