WD tokens vs RTS tokens


So I saw the new wheel and ad soon as I saw Jesus I didn’t bother looking further and then bought the offers did a 10 pull.

However after the first 5 I took the time and scrolled through which characters are in the wheel and I thought about RTS tokens we had a few weeks earlier which was I was super lucky on and offered a much wider variety of ascendable characters as well and of course they were much better comparing them to what you currently offer which are dated and lackluster and recycled ascendables.

I won’t even mention the “Legendary Token” event which was so misleading and cost 3x more than the WD and RTS pulls did with extremely shitty results. What I want to know is why is there such a big contrast between these wheels and why are you going from something that was great to something shitty like currently?


why is your phone so laggy


You do know that Hershel is amazing right? I would have been excited af if I got a Hershel for $5 considering how much I spent for mine lol


This right here


When on promo did a 40 pull didn’t get him, when he came on offer for 69.99 our right I had to oblige and purchase him one of the best toons in the game I think


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