WD Token pulls. What did you get?

So I have 2000 sombreros and was hoping to get more but ended up getting this for a single pull

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ai got pile of poo


Well currently I have:
500 Sombreros
4000 Sea Shells
2200 Beach Balls

Loads of sea shells, barely anything else… awful event.

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I had collected enough to Ivanova twice but kept using them on that token map bad move now I’m getting none of them

At the rate that rng works on my account,I won’t get any of them. Everything I pull from there is 1000 or lower. Crap

Havent gotten rewards yet, so a big bag of shit pulled so far

Completely broken reward structure. Could pull 3 times this time and received 3 x beach balls, amount less than 1k. All this for 4th rank in lvl up? Lmao. Weekend pulls have rewarded 2 x beach balls and 1 x sea shells (which i cannot use). These “chances” work similar like war token pulls when they give duplicates.

8200 sea shells
5000 sombrero
1400 beach balls

Unlikely I’ll get any of the characters. It’s a stupid reward structure.

Ebola, I got ebola


You are lucky. Everything I pull is for 100.

Not really, only pulled 1000 balls, 2 1000 on shells, still won’t get a toon. Not to mention, still have 0 sombrero

I got 5k seashells for a character that is going to stay at t1 5*. Total trash at this point.

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