WD token event results

Hey guys,

With the WD tokens finishing soon I wanted to ask what you had managed to get out of the wheel. May give us a better idea of how bad or good this wheel was and give some data to improve for next time. Just pick what you managed to pull out if anything, thanks.

  • Ivanova
  • Elodie
  • Harper!
  • Multiple (lucky son of a…)
  • None, thanks for nothing

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Yea…eat a rock.

I expected it to be bad but wtf. I had a faction mate get Harper so it is technically possible

Let’s be honest, if u got ivanova u may as well say none


none, about 5000 on Elodie and Harper, 9000 on Ivanova.

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Got nowhere near any of them despite solid and consistent top end reward across all events

A shed load of pulls amounted to absolute crap

I got 19k balls and 5k on the other two
This event is a piece of sh*t

Just bought those bags. Got 5k tokens and the rest food. note I have 10k balls, 10k shells, but only 7k sombreros. Just realized today the drop rate on the sombreros is a lot lower then the others. Any idea if we will get roadmap to trade these in before I turn them in

I got elodie and probably enough to have pulled 2 of her keep getting 4 digits on beachballs … Was really hoping theyd run one more map on the last day but rhat would be to much like right lol

0, nothing, zilch , a waste of resources and time

The flaw is that it’s not a stash so you have a fair chance to work through it and get a toon. Or like pathways and somehow exchange one item for another.

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