WD Token Event Poll

Well after 3 more Trash pulls from the WD Token Wheel Collection aka Try to
"Win a Chance to Win a Prize" Collection.
I’m not getting a damn thing thanks to RNG. Thanks $¢∅₱€£¥

So… Will you or Have you gotten a toon from the WD Collection?

  • Yes
  • No

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I did get Elodie, but she won’t change my roster or anything else

300 beach balls short for Elodie. But tbh, wouldn’t have used any of those 3 toons. I’m kicking myself for all the level up points I scored thanks to all the Bennys I have. I should’ve held off.

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I still prefer the select ascendable for winning LUs.


I collected ivanova, and this should sum up my pulls since…

Didn’t get any…

Would have loved Elodie. She’s a great defensive toon.

1st place in nightmare SR, top 50 in every solo, #1 in every faction event,

Events a fu%king joke


I got 2 5k sombrero drops and got Harper. Have got about another 5k sombreros since too

Had a few Top 5 finishes this month. Got 8k on seashells and negligible amounts on the others

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Got this Lady. Actually I didnt put any effort on her. Always 150-170 on level up, 30-60 SR… This is the worst event ever with the stupid RNG.


I got all 3 from luck, but I know other players in my faction who didn’t get any, or are very close to getting at least one. Altogether this event sucked.

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= RNG / 3

Really should ask about elodie or Harper because they’re the only relevant ones.

I need 250 sombreros and 650 sea shells to claim them both

You are in the 0.05% that got all 3 lol

Ive been grinding and dont have even 2k of any :confused:

Got Elodie

Got this 10 mins ago with my last 2 pulls
Now i have 19k of these and 5k of the others
Its a shame, they could’ve made little collections for idk maybe asc tokens or gear


Got Ivanova but Really don’t need her.

500 short. Placed 1st in lvl up once or twice. Top 5 at least 2-3 times. Didn’t get anything. Lamest event ever.

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