WD day sale offer


Man we just want some 3 Years token and not any crap 5 stars or any other shit


would of taken the deal if it was an ascendable no doubt


Nice way to piss all over the comic book fans!


If this were 15 or 25 bucks I’d buy but not almost 40 bucks. Not worth it.


Yea I would also do that, but if she would be ascendable the offer would cost $100, they just add any stuff to the offer so they can sale it for more money


This is ridiculously lame, they really failed with the celebration promo


If it was 35 3 year tokens I would have bought it because only need 35 for another pull :frowning:


Same lol


Why did they pick Michonne to put in that offer? Is there info about her becoming ascendable?

Or… do people still use her for raiding or war like 5star rocket Abe?

Or was it just kinda random


They’d put any 5 star there to “celebrate”. It’s random.


I’m actually kinda tempted as I need 25 tokens, I don’t have michonne, and with that many wd tokens you get there’s a relatively good chance of ascendable or future ascendable. And I don’t have that michonne… plus if I were to spend 5$ more I could get that Carl offer


I’d buy it if I didn’t have Michonne and if 25 tokens would give me a pull


I need 50 more for a pull


That’s what I use to call the eight deadly sin. This offer looks like a prank made by Scopely. Kirkman must be at least uncomfortable at this lack of professionalism.


I’d buy it if money literally did grow on trees or I had no concept of “value for money”


In a era of 6 stars they want to sell us a 5 star charectrer … wtf kind of logic is that


$$$$$`$$$$$$ logic


Not $ if nobody buys it lol …


They really don’t know how to sell their stuffs properly.

The marketing of Scopely should really read some of the comments/threads.


I don’t even have the strength to even try to come up with something clever to say about just how out of touch with the players they are. So instead I will just say this…

That “deal” sucks. What a surprise.