Ways to lessen the revive meta (discussion)



Idk I’ve made some good free to play teams. Connor Lori Tyreese Andrea Siddiq all free to play.Yes some revive characters can be very annoying with no stun resist/impair or a Disarm to stop the weapons.
It’s all about the weapons and mods not just characters with revives.
So nah I find revive teams easy even on my free to play account.


I have a single shield and a single ap revive and 1 active skill revive. It’s pretty easy to get defends without running all revive if players actually tried and not be like everyone else.

Originality?? What is that in this game?


You know what’s also sickening? All these ‘work harder’ or ‘gitgud’ posts.

I’m not whining or begging for a nerf. I want some reason and fair competition. This game is not about ‘working hard’. The game is about ‘spend more’. You cannot compete without spending, no matter how much you grind.

While I always enjoy a tough nut to crack (I did like 150 friendly duels the other day to crack some defenses here), this game has reached a state, where mid and lower tier players have no chance to compete at all against the top factions. We are minced meat being force fed to the whales every CRW. There is no fun in that. And games are meant to be fun, aren’t they?
There is no fun sitting in queues just to get points for fleeing 4 times. And that’s what a lot of people are experiencing.

You can argue all day long but at the end of the day this ‘gameplay experience’ is driving away a large portion of the playerbase. Long term players on my main server are leaving like rats leave the sinking ship. After every CRW the numbers rise.

People say these revive and bonus HP teams are easy to beat. Yes they are with the latest turn 3-4 meta teams. But generally they are not with all the limitations that are put on the rosters of freemium players. Don’t get me wrong. I can beat alot of these teams aswell. But it takes a fait bit and by the time I beat 1-2 teams, I am already down because of r3 teams. Pathetic.

People here have said inter-tier match ups are fine. Maybe. The problem is, that these don’t occur anymore. My mid-tier faction doesn’t face other factions of the same strength, but in 95% of the times top 20 factions.

And also it’s not like reasonable people don’t agree that spending should give some advantage. But it shouldn’t make near invincible (except for other whales). The gap is too wide, its absolutely pathetic. And we’re seeing the next iteration already: teams with Holly rushing round 1 on defense. What the fudge!? Scampley did not learn from their 5* era mistakes, we’re in that same corner again.


Reset AP. That’s about it. I shouldn’t be penalized for killing your damn character.


Look I’ll be honest, I see your point of view, in fact I agree with most of it. I’m in a mid tier faction and yes it sucks fighting mega teams. I hate waiting to queue only to be destroyed 2 seconds in.
But reason and fair competition are not a part of this game, it wasnt designed that way. It sucks for sure. Theres never going to be a balance in the game. Before 6* toons and mods, there wasnt a balance either and I think lots of people have forgotten that. This game since day one has been designed to entice you into buying.
I see people leave the game from time to time, I get why the player base retires or finds new things. The company keeps pushing people away, but let’s face it that’s how companies operate. They drive out the old and worn and bring in the new and excited.
My point was the infernal whining here gets worse every single day. If we want real change, we prove our point. We sit out all competitions until things change. But theres always gonna be someone to buy the next promo, someone who wants to be a troll or just wants to be a Richard.
The poor souls who read our posts here can’t enact change and get crucified by our anger( I’m just as guilty of being a grade A biotch). Nothing gets accomplished because we’re all too busy yelling and complaining to each other to see the truth of it.
Honestly no one cares for us or our true insights into a broken game, but yet we continue to play. We all have a love for it for some reason or another. We infight so much that nothing gets done. I’m just tired of the complaining that nothing in the game is fair.
Let’s face facts, whales are gonna whale, f2p are always gonna be at a disadvantage, and our voices will always get lost in the chaos that this forum is.
Once again peace and love to all!


This is definitely my favorite fix. It’s just so obvious. It makes no sense from a gameplay standpoint to let revived toons retain all the ap (usually a full bar) from when they died. This fix alone would be enough to fix the issue.


If this was the case no one would use revives.

Think about the speed of the game play. It just would completely remove revives as a viable option on any given defense. Rushes are just too explosive. Having a toon start from 0 means 3 more turns of doing nothing. Meanwhile the attacking team has charged their rush and are hitting you with their second wave of kill shots.


A revived toon should not be allowed to rush that turn. Period.


create a new status called “Reviving”

Status: Reviving (affects the toon being revived of course)

can not rush on same turn revived

when attacking-
20% chance for 200 bleed for 3 turns on self
5% chance to die again
15% chance to get stunned for 1 turn
20% chance attack 30% nerf on self for 2 turns
40% chance attack succeeds with no hitch

when defending-
defense bonus is reduced from 50% to 25%

The status lasts 1 turn on which they are reivived.

I know this will not happen and ppl will bash/critisize on this. It’s fun to be creative with my ideas and hopefully spring forward more great ideas on how to improve revives.


I just use heal reduction toons, taunt toons, confuse toons and a decap. It works well.


Try lori for focus. While its not to the entire team it does give you a chance to control the raid while finishing shield. Tons of give focus to 3. Also your above team doesnt have blue/yellow but maggie would still cover blues for focus. You could even hit target turn 1 then use the taunt on Cole turn 2, follow up with a focus the next turn. Lots of ways to control revives.


During my galaxy of heroes time and their few revives, that revived toon absolutely did not have a turn. In playing this new Raid game, the revived toon has a bit of a shield to offset being hit right away but doesn’t go that turn. From a game standpoint it makes zero sense and completely rewards the dead toon more than the attackers. Minus a decap sure but the mechanic of it is ridiculous.


I don’t mind that the problem is when they are rivived they have full ap to cycle revive sonpersonally what they should do is when an opponent is killed they are revived but with 0 ap not 76 or what ever it needs


There always was some sort of imbalance weighted towards the whales, true that. But it was never as bad as it is now. In the 5* era prior to toons like Priya and the likes it wasn’t this bad.

People bring this up all the time but honestly I disagree. I raided long enough with 4* toons (like Abe, Beth and Jesus) and that worked because the step between 4* and 5* wasn’t as huge as the step between 5* and 6* now is.

Of course there were 1-2 factions per server that went crazy and spent thousands and wiped you in a matter of minutes (like now) but you could still get some attacks out, score some points and afterwards start the next queue. With hundreds of warring factions you didn’t face the whales 95% of the time and the rest was inter tier match ups. Now its the other way around.


or revamp revive like this
the first revive for a dead character would instantly revive (this includes multiple res toons)
the second time a character dies and revives their res is delayed by one turn and come back with 10% less hp (No hp penalty for toons that res with a max hp of 30%) and the reduction happens a maximum of 3 times.(Does not affect bonuses that come with the res such as bonus hp)
upon the max number of hp reduction has been received the next time death occurs their revive is delayed by 2 turns and come back with a heal reduction penalty of 50 for 1 turn.
If a toon is revived by a revive weapon there are no penalties for multiple consecutive revives caused by it.


A revived to on being able to hold full charged AR is about the most ridiculous thing about this game, there should be a penalty when you kill a toon and it is revived.


I don’t know why people think they need characters like Alice and feel forced to spend .You can use 5 star leaders with a 6 star team
This is why I can beat these top teams.Try harder.


Perhaps as a penalty make a revived toon miss a turn. This would give the attacker a chance to kill or atleast impair/stun/etc. them before the next turn when they can use their rush (If charged).


Right. I see certain complaints about the meta, but then those players don’t even use or try to use a well constructed team to engage the meta.

Not saying that all revive teams are easy to beat, but at least give a try in the right direction for countering them rather than just give up and demand for nerfs/better characters.

Eg: Connor and Jeremiah are amazing F2P characters to use against tank teams, yet a lot people just shit on them like they’re pointless.


No balance in this game since alice release and Diego and harper what ever u use in defense this chr p2w can desrtroy easy when f2p have shit chr
Scoply give cheat chr to p2p
F2p don’t need revive or shield as much need good chr like alice