Ways to lessen the revive meta (discussion)



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I think what players don’t entirely realize is how fragile something like revive is.

Game play is fast compared to similar game types. 3-5 turns generally determines the outcome because in this game rushes are extremely powerful generally with kill shots or multi turn debilitating effects.

This means the game play is about not allowing rushes to happen. Often 2-4 toons get killed in a given turn. As such

For instance take the recommendation here. OK you’ve put a max on revives. Now stall teams become less viable. Overall it’s a relatively small effect. Won’t change alot if any thing.

Let’s look at some other scenarios

Revived toons restart with 0 AP or unable to rush.
Revive value goes way down to the point where in the speed of this games battle its not really usable essentially eliminating and entire meta within the game.

As I’ve said before. It’s better for a developer to provide tactical options for handling a situation rather than eliminating an entire corner stone. Cause if you do, we will only have kill or be killed teams reducing diversity and complexity


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Yeah I wish, try to decap one character in a Defense Team turn one:joy:


Well, there are 5* charac, special talent of 6* (even free ones), adre of 6* (even free ones like blue maggie). So if you have 0 focus charac, there is a pb…

But even in this case, you can always stun, taunt or confuse. And you can decapitate.

There are so many ways to destroy these teams…


Yeah I know I have Cole and turn 1 taunt and hope to disarm and Donny have stun I was just pointing that out for him. And Maggie only gives focus for blue and yellow characters only, would be nice to have Alice tho.


Well, make a blue team. Or put 5* red maggie in that team. The point is, if you want focus, you can.

By the way, the trend is about nerfing revive and I say no, it’s part of the game, our « job » is to find way to fight against


Now that I think about it I don’t think Scopley has ever nerfed a skill or a character before not to my memory anyways.:thinking:


Blue michonne and red wanderer had been nerfed


I don’t know if this is been covered, as I didn’t read every single comment, but I think that a Toons AP should be reset when they die. I think it would go a long ways to curing this whole revive chain meta.


And then revive would lose big part of their interest, and raid also. It’s part of the tactic to struggle against these chains…


It doesnt make sense for them to retain built ap after they’ve died. Not at all.


This ^^^^ it’s the most ridiculous part about revive. They should absolutely not retain AP. Should have to start over.


These posts will never happen. The characters have already been released. Maybe the revives in the future can be changed but not the current ones. They already had a chance to fix revive and make revives toons come back with zero AP but again, they wouldn’t be as valuable. They want OP game breaking toons.


to me having more variety on attk would help alot. rn there are endless 6* options defensively and the offensive options arent as endless. during the 5* days you had more leads, sweepers of all traits etc that you could use to fight these teams.


I haven’t recently played any games where there’s a good distinction between F2P and P2P like how it is for RTS, so my guess is that the lack of buffs/nerfs is due to the paid aspect. Nerf something and people complain “refund”.

People refunded when Wanderer was nerfed, people refunded when Michonne was fixed,and people even refunded when they didn’t get a pull they wanted from 40 pulls. It’s hard to not see that the paid aspect is why certain changes aren’t happening.

Revive should have been balanced when it first came out(although no one could have expected its rise to annoyance from release to now), but definitely changing it now when it’s integrated deeply with the current meta and multitudes of characters would not be a wise idea either.


No we have decap and 100% heal reduce for that, what could be changed is the fact they get to rush when revived, the ap bonus defense gets and their weapons working better than an attack team

Lots of f2p or mild spenders want revives and shields for themselves and no one else, well its not gonna work that way. What is needed is huge bonus when attacking leads, decaps, toons that give focus, buff attack, debuff defese, 100% heal reduction. What f2p or mild spenders needs is hitters. We need to be able to kill cause if everyone has reviving healers and shields we are back at square 1 which is were we are headed imo. F2p will get revives and shields while whales get the hitters so they will wipe out your team in 30 seconds like always and you will still be stuck on attacking 1 camp in war. Focus on attack teams more than defense teams, thats what we really need, hitters.


Back in the 5* days, it was thousands for the final batch of OP 5* right before 6* went live - they now live in league store.


Mini rant, so excuse me ahead of time:

Look I’m f2p and I hate the revive shield meta as much as everyone. You have to make the best teams possible and get what points you can.
Mods, weapons and toons in the right combo can cut some through some of those toons. This game is always going to be geared towards those who can pay for the advantage, that’ll never change.

But asking for a nerf or complaining that it’s not fair (not saying you did that btw) just doesn’t work. Try your best. If you cant beat those teams, focus on teams you can beat. If the game isnt fun because the p2p will always beat you, you should just stop playing. You’ll never be on par with them. If you enjoy the game, that’s great for you.

It seems every week we get “it’s not fair” type posts, I’m sick of seeing them. I cant beat the top 40 in my region most of the time, but that doesn’t stop me from trying different teams out and seeing what does work.
Theres always going to be a meta you cant beat, some team that’s OP, but it doesn’t deserve to be nerfed to people who paid for it.

Either understand how this game is designed to be or give it up, there will never be a fair balance to make everyone happy. If they did, we would all probably hate the game. Nothing in life is fair, not everyone deserves a trophy and not everyone can be number 1. The entitlement this generation has is sickening, asking for this or that. How about putting some hard work in and not complaining? But dont ask to lessen the meta, because scopes will do the opposite and make it harder for you to progress.
Original poster, dont think this is me hating on you, quite the opposite, but this needed to be said to all players.
Peace and love to all!


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