Ways to lessen the revive meta (discussion)

Maybe instead of having unlimited revives for a character their can be a limited amount of times to revive say once or twice then when they get killed they can’t be revived.


then what would be the point of decapitate in a long match


How about NO… please refer to my username to find out why


Yeah to only “get good” is to dump hundreds of dollars to get the next premium toon


You already have this mechanic via AS revives, it wouldn’t make sense to spread this to AR revives.

If you look at the recent attack promos, Dale onwards, they have a distinctive anti-revive or anti-shield theme. Add in the Road Warrior event, add in the new SC Julie. The anti-revive meta has already started at the P2W level, it’ll just take a little longer to drip down to F2P wide-play


How about, each time a character is revived, their max health is reduced 10% via maim damage? It gives each character up to 10 revives before automatic decapitation, lessens the power of revive-heal gridlocks, keeps decap and heal reduction relevant throughout the fight, and still keeps revive useful, but now keeps revive from being abused.


how about a character can be revived 5 times in a row and after those said 5 times it goes on a cool down for 2 turns and then that number becomes 4. but i dont want that. that would make decapitate about as useful as parting shot.

Like the cool down idea but decap can still be useful I mean have you ever raided and the fight dragged along till the timer clocked to zero?

Boohoo just dont raid or use a neutralize and don’t say human shields Lori has a focus active

I feel like they should create some sort of anti-revive skill that permanently prevents it.

Sort of like killing the toon dead. Like if you removed their heads, they couldn’t be revived?

I think they should called it “Beheaded”


We can lessen this trend by asking for more shields and revives.

Or we can have a new Aiko with decapitate, that’s also a good idea.

@High_Power there might not be a new aiko. the first aiko did not sell well so they threw her in the wheel to salvage what they could. the chances of seeing a new aiko is about the same as EA fixing there broken game that is anthem or Ea getting rid of loot boxes.

I’m not giving up until I see a new Aiko.

At the very least, she exists in my imagination.

They just might make a new rick or some rando not in the comics instead of a new aiko.

If I give Scopely $5, will they make me new Aiko?¿

I want a response @JB.Scopely

Can’t be fixed or lessened

Hey we have a rat problem, send in the snakes!
Now we have a snake problem, send in the mongoose!
We have a situation with the mongooses! Hawks! Bring me hawks!

The hawks have created anarchy! Eagles are the answer! Aerial combat, Iron Eagle caw caw

We have to take out the eagles, ideas !
People send people, natures greatest predator!

Now we have a people problem and now we need a people solution! It’s simple, we hunt the most dangerous game.

We have inadvertently created the walking dead peeps! Easy peasy, , just release the rats ,go to the Winchester, have a pint and let the rats do their thing and it all blows over

In conclusion , at best we go in a circle , at worst it’s a arms race, in the darkest time line we do both


Well then… let’s escalate the violence.

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Except this is a game, where the developers control the environment entirely and everything within it. Essentially, they can turn an invading rat into a pet hamster if they wanted to and tweak revive itself without changing anything else. They don’t have to introduce another counter against it. This game is unlike any other I’ve ever seen. They seem to never change what’s already there, only add new content, whereas all other pvp games I’ve played regularly tweak existing content for balance – paid or not.

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I hope you realize that some players don’t have any focus characters and there’s impair resists also no I like to raid