Waylands mod scraps for scraps

The video would not work for some reason but I opened a gold mod box from the wayland event and got a bronze mod thats not even a resist mod which is what I chose

What I’ve been hearing is if you go to your roster, then pick a character and go to the mods tab, there will be a new platinum mod. That’s the one you opened from the box.

Nop. Bug remained

restarted the game and in the inventory the normal platinum modification became

Not really. While you do acquire the mod you selected, there will be no visual cue to it - the wayland mods are lacking the red exclamation symbol, actually. I’ve described the full process (with screenshots in hidden details) in another thread.

It might not have the red mark on it, but it’s still new :wink:

I can’t wait for the survey to come out on this event, that’s for sure. I didn’t bother with it from day 1 when the first reports came in of people crashing because of the bugged mod they got. Great event in theory, but flawed execution.

I’d waited but don’t want to wait any longer in case I forget to :pensive:

Other feedback will be that it was hard working out what was realistically obtainable for ftp. Needed a spreadsheet of sheets to lugs to medals to conclude converting sheets into 150 lugs into 50 medals was too much

For me, the visual error mirrors my latest mod.

Eg: I opened a regular mod box and got platinum defense set graze mod.

I then opened the collection Wayland mod, and it showed the same platinum defense set graze mod. However, I then went to the mod inventory and there’s a new crit set mod that I had chosen.

Same, I selected my desired mod type in the Wayland II mod box, got something completely different and was furious until I realized i had a new plat mod of the type i selected in my inventory. I replicated my steps on my alt account and the exact same thing happened, wrong mod displayed, correct mod type in inventory. Oddly, the red exclamation mark showed up on my main, but not my alt.

In both cases the previous mod box i had opened was also a plat mod, so it was less obvious than if it was something else, but I am 95% sure both times it just showed the previously opened mod instead of the correct mod that was added to my inventory.

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