Wayland's Anvil platinum Mod Box

I was excited to see the update fixed the Mod opening lead to a game restart, but I opened my platinum mod box and selected attack set stat. I was given a bronze mod of a different set and different slot.

Someone else shared the same thing. Looks like comp needed :disappointed_relieved:

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Can you guys pls fix this thing so we can finally claim our mods in peace

I got duped also picked top left corner and got bottom right silver mod


Ditto … selected plat attack got bronze resist… support are actually being helpful so hope sort it soon.

This is some bs. I have the video of mine. With Screenshots. Uploading: 2AF4ABC8-9544-48D5-9B7C-E1FDB6F239FE.png…

This is consistent with the disappointment and failure associated with the armory where Wayland works :rofl:

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This is some bs. I have the video of me opening mine.Uploading: 9B4809ED-C181-45CA-B88B-0631EB342E7F.png… Uploading: 1AB10D9B-EF05-4329-812C-1DB71D8692A8.png… Uploading: FCEAC7C4-ABC6-41F9-A91E-0BB8BD419DF7.png…

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