Wayland vs alpha

which is one is better or should i have both on atk team?

Wayland is better anytime. Both are good though

Wayland ftw

so best decap in the game? paid patch to counter revives

Wayland is hands down the best decap in the game yes, his rush, weapon and active skill make him top tier.

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Wayland is awesome. Atk set, attack, cirt chance, crit dmg mod, watch him destory.

Alpha has her uses. If toons are properly primed by others can wipe a squad or most of.

Imo Wayland > alpha but both can be used together with great effect.


P2P: hands down Wayland ( if your willing to pull )
Sandy is pretty close tho! Edit : she’s sort of F2P now if your lucky)

F2P: alpha ( I got mine from some event I don’t remember)

It really depends on your circumstances both can be use effectively, I rank alpha higher that ty since I’ll never use him on attack never felt the need of his decap, but alpha is a must to ends battle quick against Gabriel teams)

Sandy> both

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Wayland over Sandy due to fact his decap is way easier to control. You basically know when he will execute without fail. With Sandy sometimes she hits super hard sometimes meh and for decap I want dead dead.

Give him attack when impaired over crit damage, he does crazy damage then

I like it. A Good fail safe if he is impaired. Keep him slaying.

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