Wayland The Decapitator Video


Who said you can’t cut two heads off at the same time with two knives in one blow? Say that in front of Wayland… I dare ya!

Let’s take a look at the newest and 4th Decapitator to the game giving all colors a Decapitate now. We will go over Weapons, Combat Mods, Team Comps and Live Game-play to see if this is someone you want to pull for. This is one survivor who will kick their ass if they are down that is for sure. @Wanderer


Great video. Happy to help. =-)


After this video i couldnt resist :wink:.

Yet again a very nice video dude. Keep them comming


How did you get him up to strength already?


Was wondering the same thing.


Some people keep survivor training camps running 24/7 with 1000’s of available 2 stars at a moments notice. You can max any toon in less than 10 min if your prepared enough.


Exactly, plus lots of Brady’s from pulls


10k 2s trainees sitting around

Lots of benedicts in my reward box I haven’t collected, to prevent from being roster overloaded.

Trainers from pulls

I usually go slow (1-2 wk), but I wanted to play test for my faction mates.


Did you use Leads based offa what you have ? Lydia would also be a great Leader, to help out his Def deficiency as well as bring up his HP, making him able to take hits.


If you want a long slow fight.

Goal is under 5 rounds in any given battle. Buff/heal leads don’t get you there.




There goes your 2019 rng


Great combo.

We just need a melee ap lead to make them shine together.


They are not going to nerf him btw


Ah yes the sourceless information.


Wow thats a great pull… Congrats


I wish there was a fast and alert meta in the game.


You mean red/yellow competitive team compositions?

If so, Yes, I too want a r/y dante/Eugene like leader.




Lol… Of course he did :joy::joy::joy: