Wayland Mod box 3

I finally got the Wayland mod box i chose platinum stat attack mod and got a broze hr mod instead.

One thing to say
Keep on surviving …!


Scopes is claiming it’s a visual error, go check your mod building and see which mod is marked new, and screenshot that given it’s not a plat mod.

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Known bug same here reported and support are helping…

Make sure raise it with support

Its not a visual error because i fidnt even get to choose the stat tht i wanted

Here’s what they say :man_shrugging:, log your issue with Support to so there’s a record. I’m waiting till the last possible moment before I claim anything.

Question: I saw that any choice boxes containing platinum mods are displaying incorrect mod choices. Will this be the mod that I get?
Answer : No. This is purely a visual issue. The mods within the box are different, though they are displaying as the same mod. This issue will be corrected with the release of 26.2 (coming soon - an exact date will become available later on)

The event is misleading. You actually don’t really are able to choice your mod completely. Still random when its come to what mod your going recieve. It can be a atk, health, defense or crit


Heal reduction mod on attack set.

Same mod i opened

Thats what I got out of wayland box 3. Very very op

Well, if OP stands for “Ouch, please…!” then yes, I agree, very much OP

It’s not just box3, it seems to be all the boxes…
I tested one from the box1 ans it turns out to bw the correct slot (even the trait and stat I wanted), but wrong set and grade…

I contacted support and they gave me the correct plat mod

Instead of my plat

I’m waiting for a response, but to be fair, it’s only 10 hours so far…

Just hope that they will fix me the proper mod and that Scopes will fix the problem so I can exchange the remaining 9 too (and then get the platinum version too)

There must be a good reason why they let the entire event run giving wrong rewards and never fixing a thing… and claiming it’s a visual error only. Perhaps they can share their thinking, what say you @TayTron ?

Contact support as stated a million and one times in all these threads about the choice box issues…

Ignore whatever Walker posted about it being a visual bug as clearly couldn’t be bothered with to actually take note of player feedback.

I had issues following update when they said would be fixed… I contacted support straight off bat and after some pleasant interaction with support they credited me the box and it worked fine. While thing has taken 4 to 5 days tho

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Went for gold attack set resists, got bronze critics set stats. Twice.

Box 1.

Not sure whether to open the other 3 because if they do credit me the boxes back then I might have to go through it all again for the other 3.

It’s safe to open, actually, though a bit inconvenient.

Got response from support (click for screenshot) pointing me towards the root cause

Jamie is a bit mistaken though - the bronze mod wasn’t credited at the same time, but before.

Checked myself opening another bag and conclude that the whole problem is this:
Opening the choicebox will incorrectly show you your most recently acquired mod (via a RNG box), while in the background you acquire a new mod based on your choice. That mod, however, will not get the exclamation mark for being new, so it’s hard to identify.

Example with screenshots hidden in details

List of my def set trait mods before opening the choicebox:

I select a defense trait mod:

And get a platinum aux mod, which I clearly remember obtaining from the SR depot:

Upon checking, I identified the plat mod being in my inventory just once, of course, but if you carefully compare the trait mods, you’ll see I now have three unlevelled atk against tough:

Conclusion: if you don’t mind rummaging through your mods and play easter egg hunt / spot the difference, it should be OK to claim your mods.

I strongly advise doing the screenshots of your inventory for the rarity/set/type tou are about to claim, will help you identify the additions and serve as proof in case anything goes really wrong.

Disclaimer: did that only on the golden (enhanced craft), your experience with platinums might be different eventually…