Wayland key ring offer

What are the keys for? Theyre not hilltop keys

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I am wondering the same


Not the same keys. Offer is “Prison Keys”, not “Hilltop Keys”.

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My screenshots both say prison keys, what am I missing?

Hilltop keys are for 1st missions
Prison keys are for 2nd missions

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Hilltop keys were last week.
Prison keys are this week.

So it’s what? $80 to finish the ultimate craft?

I see. I didn’t pay for the first keys so I don’t have the second set of missions. I missed the difference.

$15 for all three Hilltop Keys. $15 for all three Prison Keys.

Depending on how you play and feel about the game, the $15 for the Hilltop Keys were worth it in my opinion. Opened up the second set of missions and gave me the extra push I needed to claim all the Black Market Platinum and Gold Mods.

Definitely not spending the second $15. Wasn’t planing on going for the specific Platinum mod, so I used whatever Medals I got on extra Sheet Metal.

Basically £30 for a mod😂

But you could farm the scavenger road map and get the black market mods completely free, like I did.

Are people really spending like $30 ( 2 sets of keys) on this event for these mods?

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Yea I’m not spending 30 dollars for keys that’s just bs they could of had it to where the 2nd part opened up the 2nd week so you could do them missions but nope finished the first part of missions besides keys the day it started so I’ve been sitting and doing nothing in this so called event and just doing the rm

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