Wayland crate bug?

this can’t be intended!?!?

Didn’t happen to me but I can’t use the mods I got. Every time I click on one I got from the box the game shuts down and I have to reload it.


Has no one else ran into this?

It’s a dick in a box basically

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Did you two contact support about this? Because even though this is an official forum section for bugs, I don’t expect they really pay attention to it - or at least won’t be commenting on acknowledging the bugs here…

@TayTron, @Shawn.Scopely - as the only two company employees with decent recent read time on forums, please prove me wrong…
@WalkerTexasRanger - as the official community manager, you could increase that meagre recent read time addressing these topics…

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Yes. They said to close app, restart, wait 15-20 minutes with no interruptions.= Didn’t work … unsurprisingly

Still no help

Any success in collecting the mod? Thanks

Any news on this
Game keeps crashing whenever I try to open mine

This is some bull :poop:! I never woulda bothered selling my mods to get enough scraps to sell for sheet metal to collect the uncollectable mod that’s now taking up residence in my inventory. Coulda collected the sheet metal / lug nuts needed natural by running roadmaps. The whole point was to have the mod quicker! Gonna need my mod scraps back yo!

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