Wayland Box Still Bugged

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger

These Mod Boxes are still bugged and it’s not just visual.

I opened up 2 boxes and got the exact same mod twice. As you can see it’s not visual as there’s the incorrect mod in my inventory.

I opened a support ticket but who knows when or if they’ll fix anything.

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Of course support is Zero help. Claims that I received the correct Mods when I didn’t. Typical a player gets screwed over bc they can’t code and they won’t do Jack shite to help. Can’t even argue my case bc they closed my ticket. :man_facepalming: :rage:

Even with screenshots proving I got the incorrect mods they still do nothing :fu:

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I guess you are fücked now after the end of the event. Did you pay during the Wayland mod event? When they do not help or change your mod then a refund might be the only option.

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That can put your coins into the negative FYI and it’s possible you’ll get banned

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I had the same thing happen back when the event was live and I messaged support but it never got fixed so I just left it alone cause I know it wouldn’t get fixed

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To be clear, support has been wrong in the past. However, your screenshot does prove nothing. I’ll explain why it proves nothing below.

From my experience with Wayland’s mod box, it was 100% a visual error. The visual error showed that the mod, that you got from Wayland’s box, is the exactly the same mod that you got prior to Wayland’s box.

Eg: I opened a platinum mod box from SR and I got a defense set Graze mod. Then, I opened Wayland’s mod box and chose a crit set, but the visual error showed that I got the same defense set Graze mod from Wayland’s box.

If I go into my mod inventory, I have two platinum mods labeled new: A defense set Graze mod, and a crit set mod.

The reason why I say your screenshot proves nothing is because with the visual error, it shows that you got a crit set “Attack vs Fast” mod. You actually got a different mod, but its visually showing your last obtained mod. When you look in your mod inventory, you don’t think it is a visual error because you see a crit set “Attack vs Fast” mod. That mod was already previously obtained by you, so it makes sense that you see that mod in your inventory. What you’re missing is the mod that you chose, but aren’t able to identify because of the visual error.

The only way to identify what mod you actually got is when you open the mod inventory and see the “New” tag under the mod. Unfortunately, that tag goes away after you close out of the mod inventory for the first time after getting that new mod.


I don’t care what you have there and im not proving nothing. You talk too much.
My inventory is MINE, not yours and you CAN NOT prove that I’m wrong.
I have not much platinum mods to be messed.

People in the past confused tires and wheels from the Roadathon event, despite stating they know they are different.

Human error exists and I simply provided a logical explanation. If you don’t want to look into that explanation, that’s all on you.


The problem is you think you smart, but) you are not lol.
In my case there was no visual bug!
Opened platinum choose box,
received crit set gold.
Case closed.

If you opened the mod box and got the same silver trauma mod twice, why does it only show up once in your mod inventory?

Explanation as to why is in my previous post.

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You are 1of them supporters?
Why you try hard to make gamers look dumb?

You confuse common sense with bias.

I didn’t say they did nothing wrong. They themselves have admitted that a visual error occurred with Wayland boxes. I compared my own experience with the visual error with others and saw similar patterns, to which other players have also confirmed to see the same.

Again, feel free to not believe what I say. I merely offered a logical explanation, which actually fits with what OP is saying. OP said he opened two mod boxes and got the trauma mod twice, but his screenshot only showed 1 trauma mod, which is likely the trauma mod he got before he opened Wayland’s box.

Ok ok)
In my case it was 100% not visual.
Support claimed that i received atk set def down resistance and they see it in my logs.
But I received it earlier from missions and its 100% correct, cuz it’s was only 1 such platinum mod in my inventory and I’ve checked after opening.
On another day I’ve opened that Waylands platinum choose box and 100% in my inventory appeared that crit set atk yellow gold mod.
I know that many others had visual bug, but sadly not in my case.

This is why before I open any platinum mod boxes I take a ss of my unassigned plats. And in my case it was a visual error. I did recieve the platinum.


After that experience,
guess I will definitely take ss in the future.

Well I opened a top left plat mod box and I got a silver stun resist and when I went to my inventory it showed a new silver stun resist and nothing else so it wasnt a visual error for me but I just dont care enough to complain to this company cause they wont do anything about it

It’s not that you’re silver stun resist wasnt new. It was the mod you got BEFORE you opened the plat. You probably hadn’t looked at it since noone pays attention when they get silver or bronze so it still showed as new. That the visual glitch. It shows whatever mod was previous.

I still never got the plat mod I picked cause there was no newer plat mods in my inventory but I dont really care sinxe it was only 1 mod and I didnt spend on it so i didnt care just funny how they couldn’t fix the bug

So as a precaution any type of claim should be made while an event is in progress, I say.