Way too many player bots

So as the title says to many bots in raid search I want to fight real players and take there rep not fake players that have nothing to lose!! Refreshed more the 20 times looking for a real player. Is everyone ghosting? :frowning:

Most likely are ghosting, as raid tourney has just started.
I’ve noticed myself that during raid tourneys, there are more bots than normal, I guess it’s so people always have someone to raid.

I miss the old raid system before bots it was funny raiding the same top player 5 times in a row then watching them get pissed off

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It just comes downs to simple numbers vs the 2-hour shield period. A possible fix would be to allow players to continue to get raided during a tournament but their reps and resources are still shielded for 2 hours. The raider could still win reps but no resources.

Personally raiding is my least favorite part of the game. Reps still serve no purpose. I never raid unless it’s an avenge, tourney, war scout or special rewards are dropping. So I don’t care who I am raiding. Though when ascension first came out, I couldn’t beat the bots for nothing til I got a couple of 6-stars.

That’s essentially what bots are: Players getting raided but their reps and resources are still shielded for 2 hours. On the most part, the bots you will get are copies of real players’ teams who’s maximum roster strength is similar to yours.

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A really good fix would be merging groups of 10 regions together

Agree, cross region raid! Cross region faction raid!

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I would love to raid people with higher rep than me, and get more than 6 bloody rep a raid for once

Honestly at this point cr raid would be pointless, you would simply get more of the exact same teams, there will be very little new players if you hadn’t noticed the meta is broken

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They’ll release 5* weapons soon and 6* leaders with gigantic ar boost leads, to change the m3t@

Agreed I was trying to tell someone this in the other thread that was made asking for cross region raid

I wonder what is the difference between 4* and 5* weapon?
If its like 5* and 6* toons. Its really broken

Probably default stat at 40%, and 4 edits. Not sure about special upgrades, maybe a side slot that uses specials like in other games. Electric shock rune in other games, decapitate bonus in this game

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