Way to go Scopely

I have not gotten a single premier toon in my last 10 40 pulls. The rewards for war are absolutely awful. Territory is worse than it has ever been before. Now to stay relevant we have to pay for more rng in arenas? Have to pay, and hope that you will give us players high enough to get a top score to fight against? More has to be complete luck? I have had enough with the rng. I will never spend again. Sick of your support saying they can’t help with anything, and it is just a known issue. Stop adding new events, and fix the problems. You said just cause there is a new event does not mean you are not working on the known issues. I see your event that makes you money working just fine, but the aspects which already exist nothing has been done at all. As someone who has spent money you sure don’t give me a reason to spend anymore. Fix your game first.


They did what they wanted you to do, Keep dropping on big pulls. So way to go to you!

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