Way to destroy wood

@kalishane could you please ask the team if they could develop a way for us to excuse wood for food, develop a wood destroying button or even a way to no longer aquire it.

3k grenades and counting is too many.


Giant fire as a suggestion for a building


Wood is never going anywhere especially not in a conversion to food. Food can lead to profit. Wood is a penalty.

Once you have your town completely built up you can destroy all your wood storage buildings. That’s one surefire way to get rid of it and it’s what I plan on doing. I will then rebuild them up to about 300k in storage for crafting and such. That amount will be easy to get rid of in items.


I say just add a new battle item to the game that takes exactly 2,295,000 wood to build, takes 5 seconds to make, and fully heals your team and grants all your teammates +100% bonus health. Seems like a reasonable end game item to me.


If u wanna destroy wood, have a look at the nearest ugly person, that normally destroys my wood lol.


Simply change it so that the last 6 battle items (flash bang -> elegant incense) can be sold for gear tokens.

We can then use up wood to craft these items and then sell them to buy gear and/or food we need.

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Or just burn down the whole damn town & start rebuilding it.

if you are done building you can salvage all your material storage and just have one left maxed out that will put you at a little over 400K of wood to store.

This way doing SR tourney’s that give massive wood just caps it at 400K its also enough to put in armory specials.

If you dont want to drop your wood in making grenades and such you can build a material storage up a few lvls (skipping it with prestige) then salvage again which will lead to almost no more wood.


euhmm so yeah what @IronandWine said haha but im doing it for a long time now :wink:

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