Wave 3b transfers list changed

Scopely clearly advertised that cannon and dyer would be in this transfer wave. Now neither are able to transfer!

Support/forums give zero!!! help and advice. Going off of what you posted scopely. Yet again you have changed what you advertised with no answers or help

@ForumAdmin @ForumModerator answers please

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin @ForumModerator

Hey Blackswan,

Scopely did say that Cannon, Dyer, Saluda, Richland and Barnell would not be included in the transfers in another post.

I initially thought from first reading of the post that the 5 mentioned regions would be inbound enabled only, however upon 2nd reading it seems that they are locked for both inbound & outbound.

The person who created that image was probably too lazy to take out the 5 regions that are not included.

That image was posted in October for the next transfer.
Then this transfer window was announced and cannon was removed. They announced it a few weeks ago that cannon would be able to transfer

That was for the transfer to wave 1a. If you keep reading it states all wave 3 will be open to transfer between wave 3 regions.

I’d like some answers too regarding this issue. Players have already bought keys. False advertising means those players bought keys and waisted money on a transfer for no reason. What will be their compensation? When does Scopley take money and not deliver on its promises? To retract the advertisment after money spent is not alright. Factions are expecting these players. We have spent allot of time and effort creating videos and advertisements to bring players to our region. Now they can’t because of this retraction. Again I ask. Where is thier compensation for money spent???

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It says in brackets except the five new regions listed above.

All the best holding Scopely to anything, after all they advertised very poorly the Halloween tokens would be converted to coins and after the blunder changed it quickly changed it to supply markers. I just hope those that lost their earned coins get them back.

@LadyGeek, @Brucey

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The brackets was added last night but their blog post still states ALL wave 3 regions. The post from October clearly states that Cannon would be open next transfer…This is the next transfer. I want to know why this has changed. Or does it mean when they do official posts,so people can prepare, that the information is wrong and can not be trusted.


Please help us regionally unite some families here… Keep the gaming experience positive for these players. They were able to purchase transfer keys but now are being told they can’t transfer? I’m sure you can understand our frustration. There must be something Scopley can do to stand by what was promised. Thanks in advance for the help! :heart:

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I hear you Blackswan however this is Scopely, that post back in October was the reason why I started to scout 1A regions, however I stopped when the other post was made a week or so ago. As mentioned, upon first reading I understood it as the 5 regions would be inbound only, their adding of the brackets later is irrelevant to me. I hope Scopely at the very least give you a refund (or you get one from google etc.) I can’t see them opening the 5 regions up for what I can only imagine is a small group of players. Why on earth people would buy something from this unscrupulous company which they cannot use immediately is beyond me.

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