Wave 3 transfers

I am curious to know how Wave 3 transfers are going. Is the transferring going smoothly? Please share your experiences.

Are y’all open for transfer now? Still hasn’t shown up in my region and I’m wave 3

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Folks have keys but can’t transfer out of Cannon. Things are Scopleyed up at the moment.


Why move? Stay in wave 3 and live grandiosely

Yup I here everyone is moving to Dyer

Bump this rump with my trump

They still have not unlocked Greenville to transfer

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We are dead already

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I transferred my faction but faction is gone now , it was diamond and has 2m faction assault ticket, still waiting for response for 24 hours

What region did you transfer to and where did you transfer to? Also what do you mean your faction is gone? Did your mates not arrive with you to your new region?

No fac mates came but my faction is gone i moved it too but everyone of us is factionless now , even me as a leader

We lost our faction in the move, as well

If u solve the problem pls contact me

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