Wave 3 super merger

So we started a group to scout out all the wave 3 regions and gather some basic information on them to help us decide where to transfer.

The sad truth is, out of 48 English speaking factions, it’s pretty much the same thing. One or two strong factions that nobody else can touch. It’s boring as hell.

I think Scopely have just opened way too many regions and spread the player base too thinly, as a result all the grinders, spenders and competitive players end up rising up and joining the best factions, as there’s not nearly enough players per region these top factions cannot be challenged and sit at rank 1 farming all the best rewards and widening the gap.

I can testify to this as its exactly what happened to us in Lewis. Our faction, Sargasm, formerly Huns has always been rank 1. We’ve won every war, every faction event, held 4 territories at a time when they held territory events, since the region opened. Its boring.

What I propose is that rather than have 48 regions of 1 or 2 strong factions and a bunch of small factions, Why not condense that. Have a bunch of strong factions per region fighting it out for the top spots and a bunch of smaller factions clawing and fighting over each other to reach the top ranks. That sounds alot more fun!

I feel the best way forward with this is to try get as many wave 3 regions as possible on board and try and coordinate us all moving to the same region next transfer. Scavenge from the corpses of the dead regions and Frankenstein a super competitive, active region!


We transferred out of a wave 3 region into another wave 3 region. Very happy in the new region and love it just the way it is

Impossible to do if its just based on players. Surely the great majority of those #1 factions like winning every event easily or they woukd have already transferred to a harder region. If such a thing like this were to happen it would have to be something that Scopely would have to do. I do agree there are too many regions and playerbase is spread to thin

Even in wave 3, top factions wont want to move to a region with other top factions where they may drop in rank and work harder to get less rewards then what they are used to.

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I’d happily give up rank 1 to play in a region where there was competition.

Scopely ain’t going to do a thing but keep opening new regions and trying to wring every penny out of us.

This is something we can sort out ourselves without Scopely.

Well join Montgommery. We already trying to do that. Greenville and Spartanburg are already here…

Would you though? Can always move to a wave 1 or 2 when it’s an option but you haven’t .


Personally if I was in the top faction and winning all faction events I would have no interest in not being top or having to use more resources to secure a win.

Competition is all well an good but the aim is to benefit your faction and ultimately yourself. If haven’t noticed it’s tough grind unless spending way to top.

If your sick of being number one move to a region that seems to meet you requirements. Or disperse your faction into two evenly matched ones and let lower level players grow.

No lower level factions like being stomped on at all and most of active strive for better with players leaving to join better factions or merging at some stage. So watching 3 battle it out for top on my widens the gap for them as won’t be able to compete an hardly incentive for them to try

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Sounds like a wave 3 woc in that case should have moved to a wave 1a region

I think Scopley is definitely trying to consolidate regions. They probably feel there’s too many of them too. That’s why you’re only allowed to move up and not down.

I’d stay in wave 3 as long as possible.

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I prefer being in a quiet wave 3 region. Much less pressure and more laid back. And the only event I really enjoy is crw, plenty of completion there.


Lol happy I stayed in mine :smirk::smirk::smirk:

You just explained the game ecosystem since it’s been created.

Sounds like a personal preference. I’m not sure many will relish fighting lots of competition for what are already meagre rewards.

Do you really though? Cause you could have just moved to a region 1 or 2 region.

What do you want? A draft lottery?

Only so many top players can play in a faction with low F2P players. Highly unlikely due to those that rather spend a month paycheck to be the best in a turn based game.

Scopely should make all events league based and abolish the regional ones. So any strong faction hiding in a weak region, wont be able to farm easy rewards and will be put to test against equally strong opponents.


Scopely should have thought of the numerous regions from the start. a lot of games out there with far larger active player base have only 1 region. hence all team events are exciting. sure there will always be a #1 team anywhere but you never run out of excitement and competition.

По мне надо сделать так, ТОП-3(можно даже ТОП-1) принудительно переносятся в другой регион этой же волны, по результатам месяца.
Или как вариант сделать Регион специально для ТОП-ов.
тогда по результатам сезона ТОП-3 фракций со всех регионов, обьединяются в один. и получается живой регион.
Оставшиеся в старом регионе, получают возможность получать плюшки и быстрее развиваться. К концу сезона все повторяется. В Итоге скопы получать несколько живых регионов и несолько мертвых(которые в итоге можно будет официально закрыть…)

Ну или в крайнем случае использовать технологию лиг в регионах. Сильнейшие фракции уходят во вторую волну, а слабешие наоборот опускаются на уровень ниже

For me it is necessary to do so, TOP-3 (you can even TOP-1) are forcibly transferred to another region of the same wave, according to the results of the month.
Or, as an option, make the Region specifically for the TOPs.
then, according to the results of the season, the TOP-3 fractions from all regions are combined into one. and it turns out a living region.
Remaining in the old region,
get the opportunity to get buns and grow faster. By the end of the season, everything repeats. As a result, the osprey receive several living regions and several dead (which in the end can be officially closed …)

Well, or as a last resort to use the technology of leagues in the regions. The strongest fractions go into the second wave,
and the weakest, on the contrary, go down one level