Wave 3 faction transfer

Scopely. During the wave 3 transfer period the calender is full with faction events. How can we transfer with faction key if were stuck in factions the entire transferperiod? @GR.Scopely

Good luck getting an answer. Sitting in limbo hoping to leave a dead region. It is extremely frustrating

Leave your fac and transfer with a regular key :woman_shrugging:t5:

Why bother having the ability to transfer a faction if scopely isn’t even going to make it possible?

I have a minus coin balance i cant tra fer without the faction key :wink:

I’m not sure why there isn’t more posts about this since wave 3 wants to move, but with 5 days of faction events how are these people meant to transfer?

Thats what i said an hour ago :wink:

Good minds think a like lol

Cause they getting merged or should be anyway.
Ps- I have no info the above is true

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I’ve been posting on this for over 24 hours. If they are trying to merge regions you’d think that they would make it easy to transfer. I’ve been told war was pushed back to accommodate the final day of wave 1 transfers but wave 3 can’t even get a 15 minute break to transfer. Its ridiculous

@GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin

@Konjo Thanks for your question regarding the relation between Wave 3 transfer window and events. If the players still want to transfer during Onslaught, they would need to leave their faction prior to the start of the event.


I thought the first transfer was free, that sucks.

I’m hearing a few others talk about minus gold. How do you get minus gold

During #bucketgate people got refunds and scopes being scopes screwed them over even more by making there coins minus

U get ur answer: scope changed all fac events into solo events. This will allow u to pay for keys and use them

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