Wave 3 faction looking for new recruits

I am a player from the faction Rebellion in wave 3 Berkeley. We are looking for anyone that is looking to transfer to a active region and wants to join a competing faction. There are four main factions in the region, with three of those trying to knock the top faction off and we want people who put in the work to join Rebellion.

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Bump. Goodluck, tree

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So if anyone is looking at a wave 3 option - Berkeley is a very interesting, and dynamic place.

As @Treebeard points out there is 4 main factions, but there is also another 2 that could be considered options, if you wanted to merge take a smaller fac to the top ( Kinda like Elton John buying Watford FC).

There is one main fac that is a bit exclusive, they are the dominate force in the region and have been for sometime, but that being said they are looking more and more beatable by the day however. The other 3 facs are nipping at their heals, and have come close at times to toppling them, and generally the other 3 have spaces, or can make spaces.

There are some good def teams floating around, but nothing unbreakable (if you have the right set up). Every region has it’s own mini Meta - Berk at the higher end is generally Mercer or Pete Def teams, but there is some clever niche teams floating around. Berk tends to be 3rd or 4th in CRW.

So if you are looking for a wave 3 region that does have some genuine competition going on - perhaps Berkeley is the home you are looking for?


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