Wave 2/Wave 3 CRW

I haven’t seen a lot of posts about how CRW is going for Wave 2 and Wave 3 regions. So how is it? Does it feel more balanced with more whales in wave 1 out of the picture? Are wait times slower because there can be less active regions? Is it a better or worse experience than before? Is it business as usual? Any good match ups?

Balanced yes. Ish. Compared to Wave 1 horror stories. Seen 1 S-Class team all war. Even then it was only 2 of them. Matchups are a little top-heavy but I guess that’s the norm. Not had an issue with wait times.

Back to 8 regions too. Notable fyi

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The wave two and wave three wars are much better. I like wfat scope has done.

Definitely seems more balanced to me.

Sorta sucks Madison got stuck in wave 1. Only 8 factions actually are warring if that’s how you want to look at it. Our faction is far from being a whale, so we’ve been frequently going against the #1 that’s almost 100 wins to 0 losses at this point. Top 2 and 3 seem to balance each other as the rest of us try hard to reach milestones. Bottom factions are only playing to get ranking rewards. Definitely didn’t need #1 moving into the region. Would’ve enjoyed a wave 2/3 CRW.

Ask the f2p in wave 1 if it’s balanced…

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Yeah the published matchups don’t seem accurate. I have a much more accurate list scratched onto paper, but can’t put it together in readable format until late tonight or tomorrow.

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It’s more balanced than it was in CRW last war. (Talking wave 1)

At least in this AoW, I’m getting many attacks in, gonna place #2 without worry. Last CRW, we got pushed back to like top 80-100 if I remember correctly.

Yea sure. Everyone knows AOW is better in terms of rewards. But will they keep wave 1 AOW? If they do, will lead to mass retirements by spenders.


Its actually good, we have only 8 regions also, wait times arnt bad at all but we do get the same facs more. Currently in 5th place, gonna take 4th soon. Still tho these rewards are by far the worst, the milestones being lower tho is nice and needs to stay that way, give us 150k, 200k, 250k, 300k, etc and just increase the rewards for each, dont put the 100k in the like 500k spot which is what scopely looooves to do :roll_eyes: @GR.Scopely yea im talking bout you guys and keep your cake also :angry: waste of my weekend!


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