Wave 2 faction looking for wave 2 players

Looking for active players who like to war and can put up points. If interested message me on Line, my ID is ssinless, i will invite you to our recruit chat.

Note: We have a war schedule, we do NOT choose your times, you do. Other than the war schedule, everything is pretty much the same as other factions. Also note, we have an order for FA, NO free for all, we go one by one as to make sure all members get a hit and get rewards. As well as we do NOT use Line for our chats, we use whatsapp, Line is only for recruiting as that is what most people seem to use. If these 3 things are an issue, this is NOT the faction you are looking for.

Also note, ONLY wave 2 players will be allowed to transfer to us during these next transfers.

i would if i wasnt held hostage to wave 1A

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How was last war in your region?

Hope ya find active recruits H2Z, all the best :slight_smile:

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Anyone wants to join a wave 2 region, come to candler, #1 in region wars.

Thank you for the thread bump lol

Also, do people really care about the regions rank in war? I mean you get bronze mods and mod scraps as a prize sooooo… :rofl:

you’re not excited for WOC? LOL

After TOC i wouldnt be, prob some more blazing hot rewards :fire:

lol woc is a pile of croc

being stuck in a region for 8 months due to poor handling of transfers is beyond a joke.

i think im slowly coming to terms of moving to wave 3 just to retire activity now

you run 3 accounts, right? Maybe just stop playing the wave 1a and enjoy the ride in the other ones

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Bump boop beep bop

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This last war we placed 7th

Lol at wave 2 :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Thanks for the bump :kissing_closed_eyes: :heart:

NP keep hiding in 2b :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Great player here folks hiding in retirement kingdoms :crazy_face:

Glad ive upset you enough to keep harassing me :grin: No one is hiding, hiding from what? From big badass you? You gonna beat people up in a video game? Gonna give scopely all your money in wave 1a and think youre hard? :man_facepalming: Hahaha so many :clown_face: these days but again please keep bumping this thread, makes things easy for me

Nobody wants to join you besides other noobs sorry

Says the noob themself, you dont even play the game, you just try to troll the forums but get sat down everytime. Thank you for your obsession tho, you keep bumping my post and it is amazing :hugs:

I play …ima 1a region sadly