Wave 2 fac looking for actives

Looking for some actives, add me on line and i will add you to our chat so you can get a feel for us. ID is ssinless

Bumpity bump bump

Looking for serious active players to join us. Rank 6 this last CRW which is about where we place, 5,6,7,8, etc in CRW, 1st place in other events, whales, f2p, doesnt matter as long as you are loyal and active, put up points in events, help us grow to help you grow to help us grow, etc. We have players from all timezones and we are more like a family, we look out for our own, we have a recruiting line chat where you can see our fac rules and ask any questions, etc. Add me on line app and i will invite you to the chat :grin:

if Im in a wave 3 faction and want to leave can I move to a wave 2 faction/region??

Yes but only to wave 2, wave 3 cant go to wave 1 or 3

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Nice! Wave 1 is full of whales lol

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Still on the hunt for victims… I mean active players. Add me on line app and i will invite you to the chat, my ID is ssinless