Wave 1 War Poll (AoW vs CRW)

It looks like another AOW is in the lineup for Wave 1 regions. There is controversy as usual, so let’s take it to a vote. If you are in Wave 1, please vote for the war option you prefer.

  • AoW for Wave 1
  • CRW for Wave 1

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Im ■■■■■■■ tired of CRW

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We have all out war and most of us prefers it because it has better rewards


I want to see the CRW landslide but don’t want to invalidate the vote with my Wave 2 presence to see it lol

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only people who like aow are casual players and inactive factions


Maybe, but they too should’ve a say in the way the game is run.

AoW sucks especially for the most active factions. Slow search times with fast queues and facing 1 or 2 factions over and over for hours. It gets boring beating the same few facs with no real competition


I like the rewards we get in AOW vs CRW, much better for our ranking and I LOVE 6vs6, way to hard to get 8 now days.
Sitting and waiting for 7 or 8 is misery.


I completely understand that but at the other end where I am we dont tend to play for rewards and have trouble getting into war as we fill instantly and 6 vs 6 makes it hard to join as we all like warring hard

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all out war all the damn way, at least u get better rewards even if there is only 10 active factions u still get top ten rewards why r u tying to make everything worse for us?


Aow sucks when u face the same 2 whale factions over and over only to get smashed in 5 min

But at least u get rewards, in crw u keep matching against whales and u get nothing in the end


But u get better rewards even tho

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@GR.Scopely don’t listen to that trolling!!! Those r just wave 2 peeps that r jealous of us having aow

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I’m nosey too. I’ll vote crw if you vote aow? Lol

They should just change it from wave 1 and wave 2 ect… to CRW regions and AOW regions that way your faction can move to a region to seek out the competition it wants. 8v8 CRW were opponents are random and different each time or a AOW region where it is 6v6 and suits less active factions who don’t seek competition. Such a simple fix and stops all moaning

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Geez I want to see to (wave 2) Grrrrrrrimage

I immediatley lose interest in aow as soon as it’s announced then blitz on top of that interest hits rock bottom.

Which ones winning
Aow good rewards, boring as F
CRW poopie rewards much more fun

We are the top faction and we drop defense from the get go for all factions rank 3 and under, even drop for the #2 often.