Wave 1 Transfer Poll

As mentioned in the Region Transfer Schedule thread, Wave 1 regions will be locked to wave 1 regions when transfers open…we’re not getting the same love as wave 2 and 3 regions.

Do you think Wave 1 players should be allowed to transfer to either a wave 2 or wave 3 region when transfers become available on Friday 10/18?

  • Yes
  • No

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They should definitely be able to transfer to wave 2

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This is what people kept asking for was to group all the whales and stronger players to one area. Seems thata what they did.

As much as I want to say yes, I’m gonna go with no. Don’t need whales going to lower wave regions to feed on the krill.

The problem is the players who aren’t stronger and are stuck in wave 1.


Yeah I know it’s a bunch of crap if you ask me but I can say there are some dead whale free regions in Wave 1 if you look hard enough

Stuck in wave 1, not a whale faction. Can’t go where we want to which is wave 2. It sucks.

Yes but no. I want background checks to ensure that those entering my Wave 2 are truly helpless Wave 1 F2P in need of a new start.


Hides prestige, and hands in application to Parker. It doesn’t count anyway, it was from 5star days mostly when I used to still be good

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Absolutely. I see where things could be good and bad but personally I’d like to have the option to transfer to one of the less populated regions. Most people there would likely say they’d want people to join anyways so the region can get back on it’s feet.

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It’s pretty shitty that some voted no. Plenty of innocent f2p stuck there.


Gonna have to count historic offences lol

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For me the issue is that we weren’t warned that transferring to certain regions in the last transfers before TOC meant we’d be trapped forever in wave 1.

If I had known that prior to waves being introduced I would have been more careful where I went when I transferred out of my region which is now in Wave 3.

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It wouldn’t have beeen a very effective trap if they posted a Do Not Enter sign before inviting everyone.


I think the thing is that they have based it on region age not region strength. Cook, my region for example, has been open since day 1. When I came back to the game in February, I heard that a huge amount of the OGs had transferred out of the region. Every single CRW, even before waves, Cook region placed as one of the lowest regions in our war, despite having numerous active factions. Yet Cook is apparently Wave 1. They must have based this on age rather than strength.

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This isn’t what they did. Many of the wave 1 regions contain casual facs and players now stuck with the highest active players

They did they flat out said you will be stuck with stronger factions for the foreseeable future. I agree they should have let the casual factions opt out of that Wave but they didnt. They certainly did group the more active and strong into Wave 1 though

If you were already in wave 1 you couldn’t leave wave 1. So, no.

Oh well yes the strongest most active are in wave one. With lots of innocent causal players,

I don’t think scopely got it quite right. They should have set up new servers, a bit like TOC and enticed players in with the promise of better rewards. Then a lot of more of the player base would have been happy. Or merged some of the dead regions together and then left some of the cleared out regions open for hard core p2p. What they did didn’t really make too much sense.

But in answer to your question, i’m Quite happy staying whale free thanks. So no.