Wave 1 AOW is a horrible idea

Why? This is so stupid. Getting worse by the day.


Is this worse then buckets?

I’m not even surprised, failure on top of a failure

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wave one ? sounds weird. smh why

These regions got overrun with whales to suffer through an aow for piss poor rewards? After the article? Scopely, go f.u.c.k yourselves with a cactus


It’s like they just want to piss people off. Clean house to whoever is making these decisions.


The article just proves that, and that fraud too, they are so pathetic

Also agree!! Bad idea … Why tf can’t we have a crw like the rest???

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wave 1 rewards will be better, forcing all whales there
wave 2 and 3 will be crap rewards, forcing them either spend and move to wave 1 ornsuck it up

All the whales are already in wave 1. AOW is horrible. Thirty minute wait times. These guys have zero idea what goes on.

Lmao hot steamy rewards again like 150 blue keys for 1st ??


Nah, 15 keys for first, and 50/50 burt/brady

I barely play anymore. Game is a complete mess. Sad part is, I’m still one of the most active in my D2 faction lol :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

yeah still a few in wave 2

so they will get them moving

make wave 2 and 3 terrible rewards, forcing them to quit or spend, prolly quit, then they can close regions

W1&2 Blitz CRW lmao

Just why :woman_facepalming:


You know why, deep down.

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They DGAF that’s whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Good news is they will drop a new war wheel this week. A wheel so horrible that it will distract us from bucketgate.


Wheel will be blue Abe, yellow Kal, Gator, Vincent, Wyatt, red Rick, Red Eugene and also have burt, brady, basil and bennidict, will cost 10k war tokens and 1st place gets 50 tokens