Wave 1 AOW again

Why aow @GR.Scopely?
Would be nice to get an explanation.
Could it potentially be a copy/paste error from last war weekend? :crossed_fingers:t3:
Regions aren’t active enough for this. Killing our motivation. Please fix


So convince me the “Players Council” is not just a puppet council and were consulted and endorsed this.

Not difficult to foresee this being unpopular.

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It depends on what are you fighting for.

Excitement? CRW in much less predictable.
The rewards? Then it’s much easier via AOW.

From my personal point of view:
My faction would be 2nd or 3rd in AOW. I already know it. And there would be no need to spent insane amount of time warring. So plenty of free time and still getting as good reward as Wave 2/3 guys fighting for 48 consecutive hours. So I’m good with AOW. And with 6v6.


Why does anyone have to convince you of anything?

Scopley is gonna do what scopley wants to do, even if they consulted the players council, big if, they don’t have to listen to them or follow their feedback.

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In wave 1, for my faction at least, there was neither excitement nor prizes in CRW. Top 100 faction and shitty prizes.

In AoW, we got the exact same prize that we would as #2 in CRW, and got way more fights and better matches in.


My region is not dead so AOW is better for me than 16 regions CRW. Top 3-4 > Top 25
CRW against 16 regions and all those whale factions is :poop:


Yeah, Scopely. Why do you hate wave one so much? I really don’t get it, it’s pretty clear we want CRW with all the complaining from last AOW?!

Being part of the Non TOC region, I feel we’ve been left out war-wise way too much. And now this.

We’re losing players every damn week… Bring CRW to wave one, damn it.

People complain about not getting AOW. They get AOW then complain. Which one do people want? If you don’t like it don’t play it’s pretty easy.


Take it your not in wave one with best whale groups in the game?

Even thou I hate aow the rewards are so much better than CRW as it stands at the moment, so @GR.Scopely I’m ok for you to swap aow to wave 2 cuz it’s the only way we can get anything rewarding🤷🏼‍♂️

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I have two accounts in a wave one region and one account in a wave three. But I won’t be warring this weekend anyway I’m taking my family to the beach. See it’s not all about a video game it’s about life and living it.

Very cool looking forward to the next installment of the more you know featuring sinned


No, people are complaining about AOW, do you even read anything? At least like 90% dont want AOW, has been this way for a long time, CRW with the appropriate scaling of rewards is what people want


Nobody wants AoW really they think they do until they remember the waits

The fact that people like AOW only because of rewards being better is sad and an easy fix. Scale the CRW rewards. It’s quite simple. AOW is boring and you fight the same 3-4 factions. Absolutely miserable and kills activity.


Smh… Thanks for the weekend off I guess?

The percent that complains about not getting AOW is very tiny compared to those who want CRW. Your posts have become beyond annoying now. Stop playing devils adovcoate on every thread.

When you say “people complained that they wanted AOW and are now complaining that they don’t want it” are NOT the people complaining on here. The ones complaining are the ones who are active and enjoy the game.


This is what people have been asking for a long ass time. Scale rewards in CRW. AOW has better rewards but CRW is more fun, not hard to figure out scopely. Maybe one of the employee alt accounts will finally get it thru their head and actually take something to the team


Exactly. “The rewards are better so I’ll take aow”. That’s such a horrible way to play a game. Cool, let the ones who score 25-50k and admit they like playing their console better be the voice for the active players who enjoy the game.


That is the thing, he has no idea what he is talking about and just plays the edgy, “stop complaining” role