Wave 1 AOW again

You guys are killing war & my region. When last transfer open we lost 3 factions & gained 0 in my region. We only have like 5 active factions & 4 semi-active factions. We are matched with the top faction more then 50% of the time. It’s not fun warring the same faction all weekend.


where did you get this info? calendar looks not up to date.

edit: nvm it was hidded

So don’t war?

Do we know it’s wave 1, I’m in wave 2

wooo crw for dade again

Wtf seriously, another AOW?!?!

Nobody wants this. Give everybody CRW, that’s the only event people stick around for nowadays, or are you trying to make people quit on purpose??

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely since you are so community minded and involved…I am sure you know the community doesn’t want this?! Fix this!


They are only community minded and involved when its half baked info and pancakes


In 6 vs 6 i assume? Awesome… :roll_eyes:

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Free weekend is wat it sounds like to me.

@LadyGeek @Brucey can you please put this on the agenda for this week… this is completely ruining the little interest some have left in this game in Wave 1. Miserable decision.


I hope it’s a 6v6 !


Collectable items for the new s-class toon scopley is promising are in the milestones for war this weekend according to the war campaign post

Lol what a joke.

Has this not even been discussed by our PC? wasn’t well received before so would’ve thought it was something to bring up that clearly players don’t want this. Give everyone CRW. And if it was brought up what was said and why are we still having war like this

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Cool, this will be a war worth doing then.

Why just why. AOW is crap.

Totally inflammatory, but thank you for CRW Scopely :hugs:

- Wave 2 / 3


Why is only wave one getting aow ??? Why can’t we all have crw. This is a joke!!!

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Wait, guys, wait! There’s a silver lining.

When I uninstalled, I thought I’d miss war.


What a knob :joy::joy:

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