Watching our raids


Why haven’t they added a option to allow us to watch our raids when it’s happening. Every other game has this already


Give me the name of some of those other games so i can go try them.


Clash of Clans :wink:


Honestly a terrible game imo, almost as bad as this one


True, sadly. Only difference is CoC keeps the bugs to a minumum!


for example…name three?


DC Legends doesn’t have it.


Wondering if its gone completely now as i cant find it in app store unless it was ipad exclusive there was a Batman Arkham city /Arkham city or something like that you could watch the enemy raids on your hideout so you could see where you were being exploited the most and try and adjust accordingly.

This is something that is sorely lacking here. I know i would become stronger defensively being able to see a play by play of what happened.


Coc , Final Fantasy, any other rpg game


Faction duel and record it, takes effort but been helping people do this for a long time. We would step out, burn food, find them, raid and record before duels.


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