Watch War Of Champions Scoring LIVE

If you are looking to catch up-to-the-minute scores for this weekend’s War of Champions, follow my Twitch channel! This weekend, once the War of Champions goes live, I will start my live-stream & do everything I can to keep it running during the entire event! Following is free (if you have Amazon Prime, you also have a free Subscription you could use to show your support) & you can come by to see who’s going to take home the biggest prize in the game! War of Champions… champion! :slight_smile:

Click the Twitch logo below to go to the page & thanks! Hope to see you this weekend!

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 7.39.12 PM


Sorry don’t think this will work if you’re not a woc participant

Myself & lots of the RTS content creators got access to the region so we can cover the event. :slight_smile: Are you in a faction that’s in WoC?


Does this mean you wont be warring yourself?

lol I am not in a top faction. Was allowed to post up a mini-account in the region. Likely just watching the scoreboard on that account.

Also, would love to see any BIG matches from faction members who want to share an epic battle! Screenshot that final screen after the war & send the pics my way! Would love to put together a video highlighting the big moments!


Make sure you watch global too and capture any shade being thrown around.


Thanks for the Post Invisinerd, havn’t see you on here for a while -I’m still watching the youtube channel. Great stuff.


It will be a boring battle of the coins, who can coin back more.


Leaving another note here to let everybody know that the War of Champions LIVE Scoreboard is now streaming on Twitch!