Watch out: lost account and support does not help

I broke my iPhone and connecting with Facebook with the new phone does not retrieve my old account data. I contacted support twice and, after giving them all the informations they asked me (including the last ingame purchase receipt from the app store) they keep saying that I’m connecting from a different region (wtf!?!). How can it be, since the game on the old phone was on Coffee (It) and the game on the new phone started on Beaufort (it)? How they can’t identify me even with a purchase receipt? Can someone please help?


did you go from iPhone to android

Yes, from iphone to huawei

That is why, you cant transfer from iphone to android or android to iphone

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yep to switch between apple and android you need a ss of your account code and a receipt to prove ownership and support will load it for you it’s the only way I’m afraid

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Oldman this is why I contacted support giving them all info needed (I don’t have the old account code because old phone is broken, but I have the receipt proving that I made purchase for that account). They keep saying the same thing and drop the conversation.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely can you advise where on what to do if support doesn’t seem to understand the issue? :blush:

Here’s an idea stop using multiple people on the Same ticket

@Raphael - Sorry to hear about your issue :frowning: You may had some bad luck with the answer provided from support. @TayTron What is the best course of action here for this player? Thanks :slight_smile:


Lmao support is useless af wdym

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lol, i never thought that when contacting support i need to have luck to recieve an answer to my question, that is some serious chit here :rofl: :joy:


  • I keep asking ingame support to solve the issue, and they keep saying that old and new accounts are from different regions and drop the conversation (even if I moved the new account to Coffee (It), same region as the old one)
  • I sent an email explaining the problem to, no answer

Any news @GR.Scopely? @TayTron?

I don’t think they’re saying the account is from different regions. I think they’re saying your physical location is different than the account’s physical location. It seems to me support has recently stopped helping players whose login patterns alternate or change, where most logins are in one physical location then they suddenly login from a different physical location.

My account moves from platform to platform via the Facebook link. My iPhone to my android tablet

I asked them if the problem was the physical location of the phone and they said no (I did not moved more then 30km from home in the past week btw), seems like an excuse to me.
I also sent an appstore receipt from the old account, so I dunno what is the problem.

That’s exactly my problem, just read my post


  • asked again for explanations, they say that account position does not fit and it’s not the physical position of the phone (what does it mean? Scopely accounts do have a unique position?) told them that I moved the new account to Coffee like the old one. Asked them in which way the account position impacts the account restore, they dropped again the conversation without answering.
  • tried to install game on my wife’s phone (huawei), same issue when trying to connect with Facebook. facebook seems to be connected properly but the old data is not downloaded.
  • reset my phone, reinstalled game. Same issue, So seems to be definitely a bug, not an identification or ‘account position’ problem.

Any news @GR.Scopely or @TayTron?

this is the last message I have sent to support, as soon as I tried to report the issue as a bug:

Well let me just figure it out:

  • It’s since Sunday that I point out that I have a problem downloading old data, and it is from Sunday that you keep telling me that the positions of the accounts do not fit (who knows what it will mean), when I ask for more information, the conversation is dropped.
  • when I report the problem as a bug, because the ‘connect with Facebook’ feature does not work as it should do, then I am told that it is not possible to transfer an account from IOS to Androids with ‘connect with Facebook’.

Given these premises, I would appreciate the restoration of the old account / migration of the old account to the new one by your team, since the fact of not being able to migrate an account from an iOS device to an Android device with ‘connect with facebook’ is not specified anywhere, indeed, that functionality is guaranteed. If this is not possible, I would like all the receipt from this year’s app store to be reimbursed (I kept them all).

Best regards,