Watch out for the roulette wheels

Beware of roulette as many players are complaining that these percentages of roulette are wrong and adulterated, many have spun more than 10 times and have not gained ancestry characters and Only won repeated charactersIn short these roulette wheels are addicted to fall once or twice good characters later you will no longer get good characters, leave your comments and opinions.before the upgrade the fall of good characters was higher i have been playing for over two years and i know what it was like before. it was formerly 2.5% chance of getting a character to ascend and the player got today is at 7% and 10 rounds do not catch any?


Uhm… Since how long you’re playing this game? :joy: This all is unfortunately not new to 98% of the player base.


Old news. U probably get 1 nice toon in 10 pulls and 1 good one in 50


I would like to have these odds

Bet it all in 0

Gotta be in it to win it

Depends what bucket youre in


Im play along 2 years

These wheels are token wheels, they are better then they have ever been

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You must be new. Lol I remember 3 years ago when I first started playing. Good times.

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i remember they updated 5* tokens and i managed to get a 3* Michonne from it … what bucket is even that huh

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I’ve been playing for over 2 years and I know what it was like before.

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Everyone has these garbage odds most are in the crap bucket

That team doesn’t make you a veteran. Show me the 5* team you were ranking with and I may be impressed. lol Seriously though, if you’ve been around for a while why are you just noticing how bad the wheel pull chances are? Lol


4 free characters and Zachary? Doesn’t make you a “veteran”.


how long do I have to play the game to be considered a veteran? :thinking:

Erika is terrible

It doesn’t matter


Trash weapons too

its only my first team