Watch EA, Scopely. the same is coming here, full on revolt


In case you missed it Scopely, EA games lost 3 BILLION in stock value due to players revolting against the money grab you engage in EVERY day. Its just a matter of time, people are leaving in droves, People that had made room in their budgets just for this game. Sad part is for you, its an easy fix, but you just wont do it.


Honestly EA and Scopley are 2 very different business models, and a large amount of the hate for EA is because you have to spend to advance in a game you already purchased. That being said, with how overpriced and rng everything is in this game, things really need to change. To expect people to drop the cost of a new console on one new shiny packet of pixels is ridiculous. If they want to keep making money they need to offer some actual value for the money people spend.


I agree 100%. Damn near all the money ive given this company i got NOTHING for it. (fruitless PR Pulls)

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