Waste not with splash dmg

Hey there!
I have been leveling my waste not Richard and looking for the best special attribute for his weapon so…
These effects stacks? What happens if they or if they not? Did the splash dmg mod stacks too?

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Please guide me

Id like to know as well

Use a stun gun

What he said ^^^

Sure, stun gun
But they stack?

it wont. the spec skill says one adjacent enemy. cdmg with splash would be a better pairing. now the wait…

I’d go with my gut and say splash damage on a weapon affects only basic attacks. The ar is a static dmg attack. it would probably work on a toon like the newest Sandy.

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What about Lacerator and splash damage? I don’t want those dual Davie teams bleeding me out in 4 turns. (You know they’re out there.)

Not sure if it’s been applied to ALL specialists, but I know that dual SMG rosita used to have splash damage and neutralize, and the devs fixed what they called a bug where the splash would apply neutralize to every target affected by the splash damage

So my guess is splash damage doesn’t take into account specialists anymore. But I’m just guessing

lacerator maybe if they havent been lacerated already that turn.

Depends on the specialist skill I think. Splash damage should trigger Lacerator, Infomitable, and others that trigger on damage.

Edit: forget about Lacerator.